Motherfuckers at Chase blow Quicken Credit Card transition

Important: Your last download must be completed on or before June 26th at 7:00 PM ET. Download as close to the June 26th date as possible. Failure to do so may result in missing transactions.

These motherfuckers. I dutifully fire up Quicken and ask it to download and it says, "Sorry, too late!" As I write this it is 8:45 a.m. (PT), or 11:45 am (ET), so there should have been plenty of time to spare.

So I called up the motherfuckers on the phone. I was put through to an online specialist. "Sorry, there's nothing we can do! The programmers started early! But don't worry, we won't lose any of your transactions!"

I said, I see no reason to believe anything you say. And she said, "Well, there's nothing we can do - there's no way to troubleshoot this - that's just the way it is."

In fact, I doubt they will lose any transactions. What are the odds of that? And also, I think it secretly downloaded my transactions anyway, and THEN put up the error message, because it downloaded a transaction from three days ago, and I haven't connected in three days.

What's even dumber is the entire transition plan. They want everyone to download on this day, as close to the deadline as possible - that could be hundreds of thousands or a million people. Next, they have a detailed timeline as to when you must stop using the old card and must start using the new card - like I'll remember that.

Finally, now, almost all of our cards are with Chase, which is scary. I like a little diversification in my credit services.

Anyway, as George Carlin might have said: motherfuckers.
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  1. Just found my several years closed Quicken card account on the Chase site while checking my balance.

    It now appears in my account selection screen...

    Hahah chase... it's balance is zero.

  2. Ha!

    There were many other problems with the Quicken integration that took an hour on line with a Chase troubleshooting expert - eventually restarting Quicken fixed the problem!

    The good news is that you can now manage all of your Chase credit cards in the same way you could managed your Quicken Credit Card - they can all download and categorize and do cool things.

    The bad news is that Chase is slowly buying all credit card companies, but oh well.