Feedly FTW!

tl;dr: Feedly wins. 

Since Google Reader was officially turned off I had to change the way I read my "morning paper" - my RSS feeds. The top two contenders as a replacement reader were Feedly and Digg Reader. Digg Reader came up late but looked terrific; Feedly seemed a bit too clever and cumbserome to me. But since I read my morning paper on an iPad I need to use Feedly and now Feedly's web interface looks terrific ... so ... Feedly won. 

One thing about the Google Reader shutdown is that Google said only about 500,000 people used it. (Only?) But Feedly reports several million new subscribers. Maybe Google used a very conservative version of "used it" or maybe the publicity was generally enough to get people to try Feedly. I dunno. It's confusing. 

Good job Feedly! 

[Edit: Still using it in 2020.]