iTunes 7.4.1

As near as I can tell (via testing from two computers) iTunes version 7.4.1 corrupts my 3G iPod. Things seem better with 7.4.2. (I might mention 7.4.1 was only out for a day or two.)

I'm sure Apple would love me to buy a new iPod - and I will - "real soon now" - but my current iPod works pretty well! (The only substantial problem is that it doesn't remember where I am in a podcast if I switch away.)

So while the testing on older iPods might not be perfect, I do appreciate that the problem was caught and fixed pretty quickly.

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Virgin Play

GameDaily BIZ: New Moves at SCEA, dtp and Virgin Play:
Spanish game publisher and distributor Virgin Play announced recently that they have hired Mike Merren as Development Manager of the company's Virgin Play and V.2Play brands.

'Mike first worked for me in 1992 at Virgin Games,' commented Tim Chaney, President. 'He is a focused, dependable, skilled and straightforward individual who will add much to our evolution over the coming years.'

Wow. I worked with Tim Chaney back in 1993 at Virgin Interactive. He was the Managing Director of Virgin UK. I should probably remember Mike Merren but I don't. (*Sigh*.)

Interesting that Virgin Play is headquartered in Spain.


Washlet S400 Features

Washlet S400 Features

Pretend you're at a fancy hotel in Tokyo! Buy yourself a Washlet.

Feel fresh!

At your command, an integrated, self-cleaning nozzle extends to release a warm, soothing stream of aerated water to provide the ultimate in personal cleansing.

This reminds me of a description I heard about heated seats in cars.

"All the benefits and none of the problems of peeing in your pants."

Brutal Attack - Woot!

Bush's stairway to paradise | Salon.com:
...flattery always requires deference. Every morning, Josh Bolten, the chief of staff, greets Bush with the same words: 'Thank you for the privilege of serving today.'

The main article is the most brutal attack on Bush I have ever read. (And I read Vanity Fair magazine.) It portrays Bush as a simp that was supposed to be manipulated by Cheney in accordance with Bush Sr. directives but then Cheney decided to go his own way and butt fuck all of us directly.

I liked this article. Bush is a moron (but then, you knew that already, didn't you?).


Black Ops Entertainment

Black Ops Entertainment

John Botti, who used to work with me at Virgin Interactive, and who made some significant enhancements to Dave Perry's game engine (back in the day), is developing a series of videos on how to get into the game business. If you visit his site you can scroll down and see him with Leo Laporte on "The Lab" talking about hi-def video capture and editing.


Download NBC fall TV pilots for free from Amazon - Download Squad

Download NBC fall TV pilots for free from Amazon - Download Squad:
Remember the big knock down drag out fight between Apple and NBC? You know, the one that ended with NBC deciding to sell downloads of all its shows through Amazon Unbox instead of iTunes? Yeah, well the upshot of that fight was that NBC and Amazon have struck a deal to let you download the pilot episodes of 4 of their new shows for free. Starting today. A couple of weeks before they premiere on TV.

Here's the list of shows you can get for free:
* Bionic Woman
* Chuck
* Journeyman
* Life


The First Rule of Debugging

The First Rule of Debugging

Mr. Koenig has also posted the Zeroth Rule of Debugging but personally I would reverse the order of these rules. I think the First Rule is more important than the Zeroth Rule.


JPG Magazine: Stories: Photo Essay: Future Present - The Space Needle

JPG Magazine: Stories: Photo Essay: Future Present - The Space Needle

Wow. JPG magazine solicits photos, gets people to rate them on the web, and publishes the winners in a real magazine. You could spend a lot of time browsing this site. It's beautiful.