iPad Mini

I think the idea of the iPad Mini is to head off Apple fans that might want to try Android on a Nexus 7 or a Kindle Fire HD.

But I think Apple screwed up the pricing.  I doubt a person with a beautiful iPad 3 or 4 would say, "I wonder what my iPad looks like small and I'm willing to spend $325 to try it out?"  Instead they would say, "I wonder what this Android thing is?  And it only costs $200.00 to try it out and it can't suck that bad, can it?  And it has lots of apps and plays Flash video."  And so a person would buy a Nexus 7 (or for the Amazonians a Kindle Fire HD) for $200.00.  Lower risk and more information for their $$.

That's what I think.

Edit.  Ha ha ha.  Look what Amazon has on their front page: