Vacation Time!

It's time for the year end holiday for me and it's time for a long vacation for this blog - possibly forever!

So, thanks to everyone who has visited and TTFN!

(Note: during the week of 2011 November 26th we had our 100,000th visitor!)

Most popular videos of 2010:
3,143Deer Chaser (really!?)
1,345Fantasmic Part 3

Most popular music of 2010:
863Spawn the Dragon (Matthew Moore)
470Jingle Bell Rag (Stephen Clarke-Willson)

Most popular photos of 2010:
28263Cinderella Castle Tokyo
23240Disneyland Paris with Tinkerbell via Google Earth
6543Krogroth Gameboy
6277Sleeping Beauty Castle Paris
3032Sleeping Beauty Castle Disneyland
2818Cinderella Castle Walt Disney World
2781Japan at Night
2477Supreme Commander (NOT)
2171Frozen Water 6
1766Sleeping Beauty Castle Paris (Model-like)

Most popular photos of 2009:
13880 Tokyo Disneyland Cinderella Castle
5789 Japan (Tokyo) at Night
4626 Kogroth Game Boy
4294 Disneyland Paris Sleeping Beauty Castle with Tinkerbell as seen through Google Earth
4068 Walt Disney World Cinderella Castle
3835 Disneyland Paris Sleeping Beauty Castle
1920 Disneyland Paris Sleeping Beauty Castle - looks like a model
1914 Frozen Water #6
1569 Cind-E hair flip
1524 Cind-E with short hair
1247 Disneyland California Sleeping Beauty Castle with Walt and Mickey in front
1161 Manhattan Beach at Twilight

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