Airsoft Tips - by Thomas

My son Thomas (age 10) wrote this and would like to share it with everyone:

These are tips on Airsoft safety.

A basic tip for safety: Do not do an airsoft game where you’re shooting each other. To make this a lot safer, wear some kind of eye protection because BB’s can hurt and do something really bad damage to your eye. If you do not want to feel any pain while you’re doing an airsoft battle, wear at least a jacket for armor. That should block the BB’s.

By the way, if you want a full auto airsoft gun, when you get onto the airsoft web site and you want to order one, look at the blue letters above a picture to see what kind it is.

By the way, when you’re ordering keep in mind you could have at least five more dollars because of shipping and handling. So look at the price tags and think about it before you click on the order button.

Look at letters next to a picture and you should find out stuff about a picture and what you could order.

Keep in mind that some Airsoft guns, in fact quite a few, you may have to cock every shot. If you don’t know quite what I just said means, it means that every time you shoot, you may have to cock. It’s not for all of them.

By the way, you may not want to order ones that cost $300 at max because if you look hard enough, you can find a full auto as well. If you find something called a gas-powered gun, it means you have to buy gas for it every time you run out. The benefit of this means that you can get semi-auto instead of cock, then shoot, cock, then shoot, you can just shoot, shoot, shoot, but it’s not full auto. Keep in mind that they can cost from $20 to $70.