I had a goal of posting a new blog entry every day (on average) last year.  I got about half way through and then stopped.  I had a chance during time off during the last week of 2023 to post a big pile of pictures to catch up and finish but I thought, "why?", I'm just kidding myself.

However, like any good failure, I learned something.  As I got into it I realized it was the most fun for me when I did a series of related posts, like the improv music series.

Also related were some ideas to speed up posting, most notably not posting labels.  I missed them!  And I realize if I'm going to focus on series of posts then the labels are pretty useful.

And so here it is May 27, 2024.  I've spent the last five months doing a lot of cleaning-up and decluttering both at home and in my rather large amount of electronic files.  I think I'm about ready to jump back into blogging.

I do have one time-specific blog entry to make, which I have now done.

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