A further digression

As I surveyed the accumulated blogging from the past many years, I remembered now why I really didn't like Squarespace; it was too hard to delete old posts!  

I think a blog like mine that has a lot of stream-of-consciousness in-the-moment material probably needs pruning, rather like forest overgrowth. There are 1,100 or so blog posts here! Many link to sites that don't exist anymore, and without that context, the post itself doesn't make any sense. 

I have (somewhere) a list of all my blog URLs; with Squarespace I could click on one to see the blog entry, decide if it had even a little bit of value, and delete it if not. Except it took way too many key presses to do the deletion.  Like I had to start in a different mode, search for the page, then delete it.  Too hard for something so unimportant! With Blogger it's just a couple of key presses, which is about the level of effort that seems appropriate for sweeping up some detritus. 

I don't know, now, if I have the gumption to go through 1,100 posts, but I probably will do it in small batches. Probably half of my posts should be deleted, even with the very low bar I've set.

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